Showcasing nearby steam invertebrates to visitors on TNC property as part of the Door County Festival of Nature (2012). Bailey’s Harbor, Wisconsin

As a behavioral and spatial ecologist I  am broadly interested in the foraging and dispersal of animals in response to environmental structure. My research investigates how an animal’s patch use and dispersal behaviors can influence predation and competition, have cascading impacts on community dynamics, and alter the movement of biomass across ecosystem boundaries. Most of my research focuses on freshwater systems, and I implement a variety of novel laboratory, mesocosm, and in situ experiments to explore how behavioral interactions among freshwater predators and prey are influenced by structural habitat complexity and spatial connectivity. In addition to basic ecology, I am also passionate about applying my training as an ecologist to inform and improve the conservation and restoration of globally imperiled species and ecosystems. My career aspirations include any opportunity that will allow me to apply my extensive ecological knowledge towards positive environmental change.